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Velox Lending

We glorify the Safety and Accessibility of our services by our users much.

Simplified Accessibility

Our simple UI can be accessed by even the amateur lenders of Cryptocurrencies.

Fortified Safety

Safety for our customers information and crypto is secured by our coded forts.

Ethified Process

Ethical procedures has been developed, incorporated and followed by Velox Lending.

Wiser With Profits

Lend Velox Tokens

We at Velox Lending ensure our customers to gain profit in either way, be it returns or benefits. Hence we came up with reasonable interest rates.


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Monthly Interest Rate

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How to Lend the Tokens

With Velox Lending!

Your association with us are Simple, Simpler and Simplest three steps ahead!

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Reasons To Begin

Your Journey With Us

Velox Crypto Lending will render you with

  • Bank like Security

  • Monthly returns from 5%

  • Higher Interest on Lends

  • Minimal Deposit Limits

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